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Pub Gas

What gas is used in pubs?
If you’re wondering what gas is best for lager or what the significance of CO2 pub gas is, then we have all the answers. There is a selection of gases a pub may use, and this is all dependent on the type of draught products that they serve. More often than not, venues such as pubs or nightclubs will keep more than one type of gas on their premises. Here are some of the gases commonly used in pubs…



What is argon?
Argon is a colourless and odourless Noble gas. Along with helium and other gases, Noble gases exhibit great stability and extremely low reaction rates. In addition to this, argon’s properties make it non-flammable and non-corrosive.

What is argon used for?
Argon has many uses across several industries. Here’s our handy guide for if you’ve been asking yourself ‘what is argon used for?



What is nitrogen?
Nitrogen is an element that makes up about 78% of the Earth's atmosphere. It is a component found in all proteins and living systems. Therefore, it is present in organic materials, foods, fertilizers, explosives and poisons. As liquid nitrogen is very cold, it is often used to freeze or refrigerate food and in air conditioning systems.

What is nitrogen used for?
Nitrogen uses are varied, and it is found in many industries. In fact, nitrogen is used in hundreds of applications that can be found around us every day. Here’s our handy guide if you’ve been asking yourself what nitrogen uses there are.



Where can helium gas be found?
Helium gas is a non-renewable natural source that is typically recovered from natural gas deposits. Most commonly, helium can be found in the USA in Texas, Oklahoma, and Kansas which are known to be some of the most helium-rich areas of the world.

How does helium gas work?
Any object, completely or mostly immersed in a liquid or fluid, is lifted by a force equal to the weight of the fluid displaced by the object. Helium gas weighs less than air, therefore, when a balloon filled with the gas weighs less than the air it displaces and will be buoyed upwards.


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